Waterloo & City - Culver City

Waterloo & City

This place is made for mingling! With it’s delicious shareable selections, patio, and dim lights, who can resist a night on the town with good company and delightful food.


We started our adventure with half a dozen oyster. They were a fresh start to our meal. We followed it with the salmon terrine spread over bread. It was rich in flavor but didn’t leave a heavy feeling in your stomach. On to our main entree for the night, wild mushroom pizza with truffle oil. Pizza is one of our favorite thing to dine on and this one didn’t disappoint. With the right amount of truffle oil, mushroom, and a crisp dough there wasn’t a dull bite. We ended our night with the signature toffee pudding. With the anticipation of it being overly sweet, the ice cream that oozed over made it a perfect ending to our adventure. We will be mingling here again to try the other tasty offering.

Half Dozen East Coast Oysters, Cucumber Mignonette, Tabasco, Lemon - $16

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little next door - Los Angeles

little next door

Who says breakfast can’t be romantic? Welcome to Little Next Door.  With its grapevines décor, color window panes, and gold accents against the vibrant blue walls this place takes you to a little part of Paris and gives you a cozy and warm feeling inside.

Ham & Gruyere Croissant

This brasserie place offers menu full of goodies for any appetite. If you want to munch on a morning pastries, have full meals (breakfast, lunch, or dinner), or satisfy a sweet tooth. This place has it all. We couldn’t between the pastries so we opt for a morning pastry, breakfasts, and dessert (of course!)

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Taco Asylum - Costa Mesa

Taco Asylum Storefront

A bit indecisive on what to eat? This flight of tacos will let you try almost every  meats and knick knack you are craving. The flight of tacos consists of 8 tacos for $18. These tacos are a mini version of the taco if you order them al la carte ($5 each). Known for their daring Ghost Chili Pork taco, which isn’t included in the flight, we decided to opt out of this adventure. Taco Asylum has 3 sauces in which you can add on your tacos. Ghost Chili was one of the sauce that you can try. We added it a tad bit on one of our taco and it was a major kick. Good thing we opt out of the Ghost Chili Pork. After a bite that taco will be standing tall on the counter.

Flight of Tacos

Before diving into the flight, we grabbed some agua frescas. That day’s agua frescas was strawberry and orange. It was a refreshing drink but it didn’t overpower the salty semi pepper chips. A beer might have been a better choice to counter balances the chips.

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Side Street Cafe - Costa Mesa

Side Street Cafe

Written Menu

Breakfast from a cafe always makes the morning better. With its handwritten menu, Side Street Cafe serves a full service breakfast menu along with lunch. We opted to try their breakfast items. The favorite stuffed french toast drizzled with Aunt Jemima syrup was a hit. We can call this breakfast or dessert. The egg benedict was rich and packed with sauce. The roasted potatoes side was divine with its crispy outside layer. This breakfast place is the perfect place to fuel before you start your day.

Stuffed French Toast

Stuffed French Toast | Stuffed with cream cheese and mixed berries

Egg Benedict

Egg Benedict | Side of roasted potatoes

Side Street Cafe
1799 Newport Blvd Ste A105 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (map)
(949) 650-1986

Matsui - Torrance



Our craving for noodles took us to Matsui. Matsui is known for their udon and tempura. We decided to try one hot udon and one cold somen noodles. Of course with a side of tempura. The noodles were cooked so if it sits in the soup it doesn’t soften. The broth was full of flavors and the mixture of vegetables to the cooked egg was not overdone. The cold noodles is a great offset to switchbetween hot/cold. The tempura was a good size and the batter was fluffy. The complimentary iced barley tea was a nice touch to the hot soup.


Hot Tempura Udon | Side of mini snacks

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