Matsui - Torrance



Our craving for noodles took us to Matsui. Matsui is known for their udon and tempura. We decided to try one hot udon and one cold somen noodles. Of course with a side of tempura. The noodles were cooked so if it sits in the soup it doesn’t soften. The broth was full of flavors and the mixture of vegetables to the cooked egg was not overdone. The cold noodles is a great offset to switchbetween hot/cold. The tempura was a good size and the batter was fluffy. The complimentary iced barley tea was a nice touch to the hot soup.


Hot Tempura Udon | Side of mini snacks

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Ramen Hayatemaru - Torrance

Ramen Hayatemaru

Ramen Menu

Hokkaido Ramen Okuhara Style is born in the land of extreme weather Hokkaido. The star of the ramen is not the noodles but the soup. The soup is prepared in high heat per order and ingredients are the best. This is a place to grab a warm bowl of ramen on a cold day. A side of fried potatoes add a bit of comfort to the stomach. Let’s eat! 

Fried Potatoes

Fried Potatoes | Dips included are ketchup and Japanese mayo 


Hokkaido Shoyu Ramen & Red Miso Ramen | Slurp-licious

Ramen Hayatemaru
1644 W Carson St Los Angeles, CA 90013 (map)

the Spice Table - Los Angeles

the Spice Table

Singapore and Vietnam dishes by Chef Bryant Ng. the Spice Table is a brick building with a fancy hole in the wall feel. Entering the Spice Table gave us an urban green vibe with the wood mix in with bricks, bird cages lighting, and candles. Some of the food were tapas style and some were full entrees. We ordered 2 tapas and 2 entrees.

The fried cauliflower were delicious. We could have ate this without the fish sauce. The dip of fish sauce and crispy texture of the cauliflower made this dish a MUST. Next up was the chef’s signature dish: Black pepper crab toast. The flavors were rich, bold, and scream spice table all over it. The Laksa was creamy but the noodles seems lost in this dish. Last we had the Hainanese chicken rice. A solid dish. Bravo to a good meal.

Fried cauliflower

Fried cauliflower | with fish sauce

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Jidaiya - Torrance

Ramen House

A menu with less than 20 items, it feels like a true ramen shop. Check the ramen you want, select thin or thick noodles, add any extra toppings, and select a mini-don if you want a little more than ramen. Don’t forget to order a drink. They have soft drinks as well as non-alcoholic beer.  

Spicy Ramen

Sapporo | Spicy Tonkotsu (Kara Miso) $7.95 | Green Onion, Bamboo, Chashu, Corn, Snow Pea, Bean Sprouts, Red Pepper & Black Sesame

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Mottainai Ramen - Gardena

MottainaiRamen Kitchen

Craving for ramen? Mottainai Ramen is the spot in Gardena. We ordered fried gyoza and ramen. The fried gyoza had a crispy crunch with all the gyoza filling inside. The ramen broth was just right with enough porky taste and portion of toppings weren’t unbalance.

Fried Gyoza

Fried Gyoza | $3.50

Shoyu Ramen

Tokyo Sho-ya Props | $6.95

Mottainai Ramen
1630 W Redondo Blvd Ste 9 Gardena, CA 90247 (map)
(310) 538-3233